The Twelve Days of Halloween Wrap-up

On the Seventh Day of Halloween,
the Great Pumpkin came to dinner.
Mostly because Eleanor begged for it :)

On the Eight Day of Halloween,
an eight-legged spider crawled across our dinner table.
(I promise it's a spider even if it looks like a turtle!)

On the Ninth Day of Halloween,
there were sweet little ghosts floating around our house.

On the Tenth Day of Halloween,
a witch brewed up her special stew for us 
(and 300 other people).

On the Eleventh Day of Halloween,
Mummy's little helpers wrapped up some
banana-nutella treats.

Um....these were really good.

On the Eleventh-and-a-half Day of Halloween,
sticky rice ghosts were haunting the lunch box!!

...and Frankenstein lost his head!!

...And someone came home from school with an extra hand.

On the Twelfth Day of Halloween,
we had a blast!!

The best part of the Twelve Days of Halloween 2014 was that the kids did most of it. 


The First Six Days of Halloween

On the First Day of Halloween, it rained.
So we made Haunted Chocolate to warm ourselves up.

On the Second Day of Halloween, we stocked up on spooky lunch fillers:

On the Third Day of Halloween,
the drooling swamp monsters joined us for lunch!

 On the Fourth Day of Halloween,
we gave our front door a haircut.
And did he ever need it!!!

On the Fifth Day of Halloween,
we enjoyed some delicious Jack-O-Dillas.

On the Sixth Day of Halloween,
we whipped up some "Eye of Newts"

And my littlest ghoul figured out how to eat only the chocolate and sprinkles.

What's not to love?


On the twelfth day of Halloween...

...Mummy had a little scare and Daddy pulled a last minute 
substitution at the preschool Halloween party.

Dad brewed up a wicked batch of potion to the delight of all the 
zombies and ghouls and goblins in Eleanor's class.

Unfortunately, I don't know if he got any pictures...

It was a Halloween miracle.
Mummy is better, and
Dad saved the party!


On the eleventh day of Halloween...

...some of the ghouls came over for book club,
and we munched on a little pumpkin treat...


On the tenth day of Halloween...

...our smallest spook celebrated her 2nd birthday!
And we surprised her with a friendly ghost cake.

 Happy Birthday, lovey.